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Arctic Combat, Webzen Inc

Die Invasion beginnt – Aliens übernehmen die Herrschaft in Arctic Combat
 Webzen Inc., einer der führenden Anbieter von Free-to-Play-Spielen der nächsten Generation, veröffentlicht heute den Alien Defense Mode für den modernen Military FPS, Arctic Combat. Das erste Mal in der Geschichte von Arctic Combat werden sich Spieler zusammenschliessen, um die Welt gegen eine Invasion von Aliens zu... Mehr
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Wartune,RPG,Fantasy,Multi-Strategy,web game,browser game

Good: Easily the most exciting aspect of Wartune is the combat. Unlike other MMORTS games that avoid any graphical combat whatsoever, Wartune provides players with highly graphical combat features that use detailed animations for skills and abilities. Bad: As with all MMORTS games, Wartune does revolve around building and training... Mehr
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Tribal Wars Training Guide,Strategy,Middle Ages,Strategy Game,web game,browser game

Tribal Wars Training Guide
 Tribal Wars Training Guide - 0 to 3000 PointsTribal Wars isn't easy. "What should I do first? Which building should I build? How many troops should I have?" This Tribal Wars Training Guide hopes to answer all these questions and give you even more tips to help you succeed in Tribal Wars. This training guide will take you from starting out on... Mehr
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Drakensang Online,RPG,Fantasy,Strategy Game,web game,browser game

Drakensang Online
 Good: Great graphics, Plenty of quests, Multiple dungeons and mode variations, Fast-paced combat, Arena Battles, Challenging monsters, No download or install required, Connect to Facebook option. Bad: Only two available classes, Lots of grinding necessary, Gameplay can feel repetitive at times, Limited character customization,... Mehr
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