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Drakensang Online 1 Veröffentlicht:11. Jan 2013 von Bill


Good: Great graphics, Plenty of quests, Multiple dungeons and mode variations, Fast-paced combat, Arena Battles, Challenging monsters, No download or install required, Connect to Facebook option.


Bad: Only two available classes, Lots of grinding necessary, Gameplay can feel repetitive at times, Limited character customization, Small selection of shop items, Skill progression could be better.


Drakensang Online is a free to play 3D fantasy game based on the PC game called The Dark Eye: Drakensang. Enter the world of Drakensang Online and unite with thousands of other players to repel the evil forces amassing against them.


Drakensang Online is a browser based epic action RPG (role playing game). In this game players embark on a mystical adventure in a medieval land that is corrupted by evil. 

Drakensang Online gives you the opportunity to explore challenging dungeons and team up with friends. You can either master the mighty sword or practice the art of magic while on your journey to becoming a hero.


There are two primary classes in Drakensang Online that players can choose from are Dragonknight and Spellweaver.



Dragonknight – This class of fearless warriors has incredible strength. They drink the blood of magical dragons for an edge on the battlegrounds. Rage and sheer skill is their secret to victory.


Spellweaver – They have high levels of intellect which aids them in mastering some of the most difficult spells that have been passed down through the centuries.


Published by BigPoint Games, Drakensang Online is set in an ancient world where a mighty dragon engulfed the world in flames which plunged the world into a state of chaos and nearly caused the downfall of mankind.


The strong storyline of the game makes it all the more interesting to play. The mesmerizing graphics and intricate details are sure to captivate viewers. Feast your eyes with extraordinary 3D graphics and indulge in countless adventure quests with Drakensang Online.

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